27 Diagram Of Where To Put A Tampon

Hold the tampon with the fingers you use to write index and thumb. With dry hands unwrap the tampon.

Menstrual Cups vs Tampons – How to Choose What’s Right For You

Place your index finger on the end of the applicator where the string comes out.

Diagram of where to put a tampon. As your period tampers off you should use tampons with the lightest absorbency. How to put on a tampon was requested so i hope this helps. Start with a regular tampon.

As she put it there were not enough hands to hold the mirror the tampon myself and the tissue to wipe away the tears thankfully her sister finally. If you drop the tampon on the floor throw it away and begin again with a new tampon. Hold the no slip grip applicator plunger using your thumb and middle finger.

If you find that you have to change it more often than every four hours then you should switch to a tampon with higher absorbency. Girls fear it and mothers dread it but explaining how to use a tampon doesnt have to be so hard. Your finger will follow the tampon into your vagina until the tampon no longer moves forward.

Place the applicator tip into your vagina at a 45 angle. At the midpoint of the tampon where the smaller tube of the applicator meets the larger tube hold it between your thumb and middle finger. Every woman has a tampon story to tell.

I show you how to use a tampon show you how to insert a tampon for the first time. Gently insert the tampon applicator into your vagina. Some are terribly sad some uneventful and some are surprisingly hilarious.

Slowly insert the top thicker half of the applicator into the vagina. Its best to use tampons with a lower absorbency than you need. For a tampon without an applicator youll use your pointer finger to push on the base of the tampon guiding it up and through your vaginal opening.

Hold the tampon correctly. How to put in a tampon. Instructions for inserting a tampon with a built in applicator.

Now gently slide the smooth tapered applicator all the way into your vagina until your fingers touch your body. Wash your hands with soap and water. How to use a tampon if you are a virgin.

Thumbs up if you. Instructions for how to insert a tampon. Sit or stand in a comfortable position.

The cord has to hang from the inner tube it is smaller and within the larger outer tube. Remove the tampon wrapper and look for the circular marks at the end of the applicator or outer tube. The diagram just didnt help.

Your own personal story is a useful tool for starting this awkward.

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