31 Above Ground Pool Bonding Diagram

The bond is created by a stainless steel coil that sits out of reach below the pump basket. Above ground pump water bond.

pool bonding time lapse - NOT an instructional video - YouTube

The above ground pool water bonding kit helps you comply with the national electric code requirements and makes your aboveground pool safe from shock that could result from current from electric sources close to your above ground pool.

Above ground pool bonding diagram. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination installing a pool bonding wire helps mitigate the danger. Even if you have a temporary pool like an intex pool please take the time to put in a proper dedicated gfi plugoutlet and bond the pool and equipment. Unless you are an electrical engineer or electrician you probably dont think much about your pools electrical system.

All metal parts must be bonded together using a 8 or larger solid copper wire. Above ground pool water bonding kit item zpca0012 3499 quantity. The kit includes a special replacement plug for the above ground pump.

Electrical bonding and grounding are among the important safety features provided by pool installation professionals to ensure your familys safety. See diagram 1a 1d b. Above ground pool water bonding kit.

Home features taking the mystery out of equipotential bonding requirements for swimming pools. A properly connected pool electrical system is an important but largely unknown element of pool safety. The outdoor pump receptacle must have a weatherproof cover that can be closed when the pump.

Metal piping and all fixed metal parts that are within 15 m 5 ft horizontally of the inside walls of the pool and within 30 m 12 ft above the maximum water level of the pool or any observation stands towers or platforms or from any. It includes water bonding pool bonding and electric for the pump motor outlet and auxiliary outlet. The bonding wire exits through the included pump strainer drain plug.

The above ground pool water bonding kit features a 105 square inch bonding plate which easily meets the 9. When the gavel came down on the 2011 national electrical code vote in august it might as well have been 2007 for the losing side in a long and acrimonious debate over swimming pool bonding requirements. Inside pool wall the receptacle must be a single twist lock outlet and always a gfci ground fault protected.

Conclusion how to bond an above ground pool. A properly bonded pool means a safe swimming environment for your family and friends. This video shows the electrical requirements for an above ground pool by new york state 2011 code.

Three years at least two studies hours of debate and pages of correspondence later wording in the 2008 nec remained standing and unchanged. Stray electrical current from nearby power sources can pass between you pool water and its surroundings and result in shock. This clever device is a quick way to add bonding to most above ground pool pumps.

Bonding the pool a.

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