33 Uml Usecase Diagram

The unified modeling language uml is a standard visual modeling language to document business processes and software architecture using several types of diagrams use case diagrams class package component composite structure diagrams deployments activities interactions and profiles. They are useful for presentations to management andor project stakeholders but for actual development you will find that use cases provide significantly more value because they describe the meat of the actual requirements.

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The site provides graphical notation reference and examples of all types of uml diagrams.

Uml usecase diagram. A uml use case diagram is the primary form of systemsoftware requirements for a new software program underdeveloped. It captures the dynamic behavior of a live system. A use case represents a distinct functionality of a system a component a package or a class.

Use cases specify the expected behavior what and not the exact method of making it happen how. Uml 2 use case diagrams overview the usage requirements for a system. Uml use case diagrams to model a system the most important aspect is to capture the dynamic behavior.

Radiology diagnostic reporting uml use case diagram example for simple image and numeric report sinr ihe radiology integration profile. In the initial stage of diagnostic reporting a reading physician records a diagnosis by generating a draft dicom structured report sr object. Use cases once specified can be denoted both textual and visual representation ie.

Use case diagrams are a way to capture the systems functionality and requirements in uml diagrams. A use case diagram consists of a use case and an actor. Use case diagrams are uml diagrams describing units of useful functionality use cases performed by a system in collaboration with external users actors to provide observable and valuable result to the actors.

Sign up with lucidchart for free for all your uml diagramming needs. Use this guide and try out the free templates included. A use case diagram at its simplest is a representation of a users interaction with the system that shows the relationship between the user and the different use cases in which the user is involved.

Radiology diagnostic reporting uml use case diagram example. Dynamic behavior means the behavior of the system when it is runningoperating. Everything you need to know about use case diagrams in uml can be found within this guide.

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