27 Turtle Anatomy Diagram

Sea turtles have unique anatomic features that provide them with everything necessary to satisfy all their feeding reproductive and social needs. Turtle anatomy by luka about turtles.

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Sea turtle species of the world photo.

Turtle anatomy diagram. Skeletal anatomy the anatomy of sea turtles 45 figs. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. Lateral view of the cervical vertebrae from an adult green turtle.

Start studying turtle anatomy. Anatomy of sea turtles jeanette wyneken phd florida atlantic university. Mader 2005 reptile medicine and surgery 2nd ed.

Matthew godfrey green turtle loggerhead turtle hawksbill turtle flatback turtle. Beak also used in species id looking closely at the beak you can see that each turtles beak is specialized for their diet lateral scutes. Scale natator depressus from dr.

Basic gastrointestinal anatomy oral cavity large small. Besides their body design and the hard shell make them a difficult prey for some marine predators. Foremost part of a tortoise which is attached to the trunk.

The atlas articulates with the occipital condyle at the back of the skull. Each sea turtle has a characteristic carapace which can be used in species id. Each vertebra is composed of a ventral body and a dorsal arch.

At first glance the turtle anatomy may appear to be simple however underneath of its shell turtle can be fairly complex. Marginal scutes not labeled in this diagram these run along the edge of the carapace. The ventral part of the atlas is missing from this series.

Turtle Heart Diagram

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Turtle Anatomy (1821) – The Public Domain Review

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