35 Ray Diagram For Concave Mirror

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EduMission: Physics Form 4: Chapter 5 - Concave Mirror Ray

This physics video tutorial provides the ray diagrams for a concave and convex mirror.

Ray diagram for concave mirror. Ray diagrams concave mirrors. A real image will be formed between the focus and centre of curvature when the object is placed beyond the centre of curvature. The size of the image is much smaller as compared to the object.

Images formed by concave mirror using ray diagram. Ray diagrams are useful tools for determining the location of an image as produced by a concave mirror. It also contains a few examples and practice problems along with the equations needed to solve it.

Shows how to draw ray diagrams and locate the image for concave mirrors. The goal of a ray diagram is to determine the location size orientation and type of image that is formed by the concave mirror. July 21 2016 by mrs shilpi nagpal 17 comments.

Concave mirror ray diagram. When an object is at infinity a real image is formed at the focus point. Concave mirror ray diagram when an object the is placed at infinity a real image is formed at the focus.

Ray diagrams concave mirrors step two. When an object is placed behind the center of curvature a real image is formed between the center of curvature and focus. Ray diagrams of concave lenses are constructed from the principal axis line the object is a point shown by an arrow the base of which starts at the principal axis the image point when found is then also highlighted by an arrow that originates on the principal axis that shows you which way up the image is.

The size of the image is much smaller as compared to that of the object. Typically this requires determining where the image of the upper and lower extreme of the object is located and then tracing the entire image. Draw a ray starting from the top of the object through the focal point then parallel to the principal axis after reflection.

Question 1 the image formed by concave mirror is seen to be virtualerect and larger than the objectwhat is the position of the object. To determine the location of an image using a ray diagram at least two sets of incident and reflected rays must be constructed for strategic positions on the object.

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