33 Directv Swm Power Inserter Diagram

During installation verify all wiring before applying power to the power inserter. We recommend the directv brand power inserter in any situation where you are installing only one swm 8 unit.

Directv Swm Power Inserter Diagram

This is generally labelled pi 28 although is generally delivers 29 volts of power.

Directv swm power inserter diagram. The splitter should be a green labeled one for use with single wire multiswitch swm systems. Directv swm systems use a power inserter to make sure there is enough power for all the electronics down the line. Swm needs 20 21 volts to operate so you will have to use a swm power inserter to âœsend upâ the required 21v.

The directv power inserter pi 28 or pi 29 may damage a directv receiver if improperly connected in the system. The other output from the power inserter will go to your h25 500 hd receiver signal to ird. Normal kaku hd systems are powered by the receiver.

Directv swm8 allows the use of up to eight tuners with a winegard satellite antenna. A newer revision is now called the pi 29. Four receivers or dvrs with power inserter connected using swm1 port and 1x4 splitter.

Count the tuners in your. Connect diplexer ant to the receivers ota. There are 3 commonly used splitters.

The receiver will send a max of 18v up the line to the kaku. Two receiers or dvrs with power inserter connected using swm1 and swm2 ports. One receiver or dvr with power inserter connected using swm1 port.

250 max run with 1x4 splitter. Older systems relied on the receivers themselves to power the dish but swm equipment does a lot more than a simple dish setup. 200 max run with 1x8 splitter.

A 2 way a 4 way and an 8 way splitter. How to properly connect swm power inserter you can connect the power inserter either between the dish and the splitter or between the splitter and a receiver if you do the latter you must connect the power inserter to the power passing leg of the splitter ird is the receiver do not plug the power to swm into the splitter or a receiver ly plug that end into. The power inserter pi will connect to the dish to provide power power to swm.

Directv specs suggest connecting the power inserter one of three ways. 300 max run with 1x2 splitter. Directv branded and approved power supply included b band converters are not used with receivers connected to swm maximum total distance from swm to receiver.

Wiring directv genie with two genie clients swm dish and dcck. Connect swm receiver swm input to the power inserter white ird connector or to line from splitter. Connect diplexer sat to the receivers swmftm input.

Two receivers or dvrs with power inserter connected using swm1 port and 1x2 splitter. The swm output of the power inserter should never be directly applied to the input of a receiver. The one on the left only has one wire swm and the standard kaku on the right has 4.

Connect swm receivers swm input to diplexer sat out optional. A few different types of power inserters are available for the directv swm 8. Directv swm power inserter diagram.

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