33 Diagram Of An Earthquake With Labelling

This diagram shows an earthquake along a fault. New madrid seismic zone an earthquake hazard review for the nmsz.

How An Earthquake Forms

In this activity you are asked to make a labelled diagram of a plate boundary.

Diagram of an earthquake with labelling. How volcanoes are formed or about how earthquakes occur. Earthquake cross section labelling activity. Label the diagram continental crust oceanic crust transform fault 3 1 2 8.

Ocean trench island arcs etc finally try and add some detailed annotations to explain the processes operating at each type of boundary which result in earthquake volcanoes perhaps number your points to help you learn the sequence of what happens. Oceanic crust magma from mantle ocean mid oceanic ridge with volcano 1 4 3 2 5. The focus of the earthquake is where the energy is released underground.

These bricks are to remain stationary. Label the type of plate ie. There is then space procided for writing a short paragraph to explain what is occuring in the plate boundary.

Oceanic crust continental crust subduction zone earthquake foci volcano ocean 3 4 2 1 5 6 6. Seismometers record earth movements. In other words the vibrations of an earthquake measuring 6 on this scale would be 30 times more energetic than those of a quake measuring 5.

Earthquakes measuring 9 or more on this scale are rare. Earthquakes happen often but most are too small for us to notice. The energy of the vibrations increases by steps of about 30 on this scale.

The epicenter is the spot on the earths surface directly above the focus. The japan earthquake shifted earths mass resulting in a shorter day. Plate tectonics articles theory plate diagrams maps teaching ideas.

Align 3 bricks in the centre of a table to minimize chance bricks falling off table. Each student is given a worksheet to record their groups observations set up. Need module 3 earthquakes tsunamis activity 2.

Indian ocean tsunamis deadly tsunamis triggered by earthquakes and volcanoes. An earthquake is a sudden shockwave caused by rocks being under stress from the movements of. This resource is available in standard super eco colour and super eco black and white.

The range of this scale is from 0 to 10. A prompt sheet is provided to help them structure their report. Plate boundaries drawing a labelled diagram.

Label the diagram. This colourful labeling activity asks the children to cut out the labels of an earthquake and glue them onto the correct part of a earthquake cross section. Pacific tsunamis this ocean is surrounded by plate boundaries that can produce tsunamis.

The second part of the project involves them researching one volcano or earthquake in detail. To save a resource you must first join or sign in. They need to find information about the topic and present it in an informative way in their own words.

Oceanic continental label any features eg. One student holds these 3.

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