35 Battery In Trunk Wiring Diagram

But if the ford solenoid is in the trunk then you have at least one 10 or 8ga wire going from the alternator all the way to the trunk which is live at all timesand you have another 8ga wire going from the mopar relay to the trunk that is live whenever the disconnect is passing juice. The side of the light unit has been marked 12v 200watt by the previous owner.

trunk mounted battery wiring diagram - Page 3

This makes it necessary to place the battery in the trunk or in a box attached to the inside of the frame rail.

Battery in trunk wiring diagram. Click the register link above to proceed. I found a wiring diagram which indicates that this is a normal setup. I got a suprise changing my alternator the other day finding out that the wire from the battery to the alternator was still hot even with the kill switch in the off position.

Something similar to this. The battery is currently trunk mounted in a non legal box. I see that most still run the ford type relay in the trunk and run wire back to it including a hot from the alternator to the battery ahead of the kill switch.

For me no room under the hood its in an optima in a vented box. Trunk mounted battery wiring diagram if this is your first visit be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. The unit is wired to the building correctly i just need help on the battery pack.

Weve got the nhra legal battery box. 1 high awg power cable from battery to distribution post in the engine bay with a 100 amp mega fuse in line near the trunk battery 2 all other car electrical needs tap into the distribution post in the engine compartment. 3 a separate starter relay would trigger both the trunk mounted and pmgr starter mounted solenoids.

The packs drive 4 sets of lights through out my business. Seal it up in a battery box that you can vent to the outside of trunk or add a bulkheadfirewall to seal the whole trunk from pass compartment. The process is simple as long as a few basic mounting practices are followed.

I am not sure if i should wire them in series parallel or combination. Id love to hear some opinions on what has worked for you. You may have to register before you can post.

Installing the battery in the trunk is the preferred option because this provides better access and protects the battery from the elements. When you put the cutoff switch in make sure it kills all power and the engine. The wiring has been removed and i will be rewiring it.

Its a 79 with an hei system and 3 wire alternator. Im trying to figure out a simple way to wire my sons battery in his trunk with an nhra legal shut off switch.

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