35 How To Read A Ttt Diagram

Ok ttt stands for time temperature transformation. Sometimes the lines are labeled with percentages which represent the percentage of the material that has transformed.

(a) Time – Temperature – Transformation (TTT) diagram and

Transformation diagrams time temperature transformation ttt diagrams 1.

How to read a ttt diagram. Indicates the amount of transformation at a constant temperature. Ttt diagrams have time on the x axis and temperature on the y axis. The eutectoid reaction is fundamental to the development of microstructures in steel alloys.

C 670 wt c pearlite is the microstructural product of this transformation. The lines on a ttt diagram represent points at which a material transforms from one phase or microstructure to another. Basically you start at any temperature you want and cool and hold at different temperatures to generate different microstructures.

However as the undercooling increases transformation accelerates until the maximum rate is obtained at the nose of the curve. Time is on the x axis usually logarithmic and temperature is on the y axis. The aims of ttt diagrams is determined type of structure for and portion in the curve and to obtained on specific properties.

After about a tenth of a second 10 1 s the transformation is practically finished. Samples are austenitised and then cooled rapidly to a lower temperature and held at that temperature whilst the amount of transformation is measured for example by dilatometry. The diagram on the lower left shows this it is directly taken from the figure above the ttt diagram and usually not included.

At the nose of ttt diagram very fine pearlite forms close to the eutectoid temperature the undercooling is low so that the driving force for the transformation is small. If we repeat the experiment at a temperature around 480 oc. There are start and finish temperatures all down this.

Eutectoid steel and time temperature transformation problem introduction to materials science.

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