33 Shower Diverter Valve Diagram

If you have visited a friends house or hotel you might have noticed all the different kinds of shower diverter valves. While there may seem to be a wide variety of shower diverter valves there are only 3 main types of these useful devices.

Shower Diverter Diagram Image Cabinets And Shower Mandra

Typically used in more basic applications like a traditional bath and shower.

Shower diverter valve diagram. Diverter valves and plate diverters. Back pressure from the shower head aggravated by the newer low flow shower heads acting against a slight leak at the diverter valve. The diverter assembly needs to be inserted as seen in the parts diagram with the tan seal face down.

Thermostatic shower installation using three onoff valves fixed shower adjustable hand held shower and two body sprays. Repair the diverter in a shower with help from a licensed plumber in this free video clip. With the multichoice universal system you have the freedom to upgrade style and functionality later.

Its usually due to a combination of two things. High flow pressure balancing valve available for a faster bath fill or custom shower application rite temp is kohlers name for pressure balancing valves. 3 types of shower diverter valves explained by doityourself staff.

Install any required shut off or diverter valve into the piping system. The diverter in a shower diverts water away from the faucet and up towards the head. It will divert water between hand held shower and shower head.

Reinstall it at the desired notch as indicated in the diagram to limit the maximum mixed water. The delta multichoice integrated shower diverter provides a sleek streamlined style for your shower while eliminating the need of an additional diverter valve. Diverter valves like the one shown in figure 1 use a valve to direct the flow to the showerhead or the tub spout.

A diverter valve may also switch the flow of water from the tub spout to the shower head on some bathtubs there is a lever on the tub spout that switches the flow. These diverters can either be part of a three handle shower valve assembly or they can be a separate valve installed above the valves that control the water. And because theres no need to alter.

I am presenting step by step installation for moen 3372 m pact three function 12 inch cc transfer diverter valve. Transfer and diverter valve options allow you to expand the number of components you can control. Shower plumbing diagram todays shower valves typically have some type of temperature limiting device to prevent scalding andor major swings in water temperature.

Do i need to shut off the water to replace the 17730 diverter assembly on a 3 valve. When changing the delta rp17730 diverted valve on a three handled shower valve body i noticed there are no seats or springs in the valve body.

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