30 Gas Meter Installation Diagram

Figure 12 new single residential gas meter set separation and clearance guidance diagram 35. Applicant gas service and meter installation arrangements are subject to con edisons review and approval.

NFG - Residential Service Line Installation

N gas equipment is connected to interior piping and properly vented.

Gas meter installation diagram. Natural gas meter requesting a new natural gas meter thank you for choosing national grid. Your assigned xcel energy representative will work with you to find a meter location that will fit your project needs. Natural gas installation standards handbook these specifications will be revised or amended as required in keeping with developments and progress of the industry.

Gas service guidebook southern california gas company socalgas. Before requesting a new meter installation please be sure the following items have been completed. This is a guidance document for the convenience of the public.

It represents a collection of information which will provide for a safe properly conceived. It does not substitute for. Customers gas installation is new when a customer is increasing gas usage from a smaller capacity or when any changes are made from the original installation.

N interior gas piping is complete and connected to the meter bracket. Each particular socket has a preferred application although some are interchangeable. Before socalgas establishes gas service meter installation and turn on to any building or structure.

Applicants should submit a work request as soon in the planning process aspossible. Were dedicated to providing safe economical and reliable service. Section 6 gas meters.

Introduction energy suppliers are aware that during meter installation visits there will be instances where the meter installer identifies issues with gas andor electrical equipment or appliances that require corrective. Table of contents. The most recent published edition should always be refer.

Inspections before socalgas can establish natural gas service meter installation and turn on to any building equipment or structure. Gas meter to customers natural gas equipment and appliances. To have customer owned lines located.

The most current version of this manual can be found on the peoples website at the following. Socalgas natural gas service guidebook. Ensuring a successful gas meter set.

Are numerous kinds of meter sockets such as light duty heavy duty multi terminal etc. Meter tampering any attempt to alter the registration of use on an electric or gas meter. Guidance for electricity gas meter installation consumer facing issues page 8 of 57 1.

Service line installation standards 1 p a g e preface the information presented in this manual is provided as a guide to those installing inspecting and testing plastic natural gas service lines within the peoples natural gas service territory. It is important that your new meter is installed in a safe maintained and easily accessible location. All with various numbers and sizes of conduit openings.

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