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The hamstring muscles all arise from a bone on the bottom of your pelvis called the ischial tuberosity. Semimembranosus semitendinosus and biceps femoris.

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In human anatomy a hamstring ˈ h æ m s t r ɪ ŋ is one of the three posterior thigh muscles in between the hip and the knee from medial to lateral.

Diagram of hamstring. A pulled hamstring is a common athletic injury. The information on this page should help you diagnose treat and cure your hamstring tendonitis symptoms. Both hamstrings connect to muscles that flex the knee.

The hamstrings are quite susceptible to injury. This hollow is called the popliteal space. The hamstrings are three muscles at the back of the thigh that affect hip and knee movement.

The proximal hamstring tendons connect the three hamstring muscles the semimembranosus the semitendinosus and the biceps femoris to the sit bone ischial tuberosity which is located in the buttocks at the bottom of the pelvic bone. The hamstrings are actually comprised of three separate muscles. The muscles then course down the back of your thigh.

The biceps femoris muscle attaches past your knee on the lateral or outside part of your leg. They begin under the gluteus maximus behind the hipbone and attach to the tibia at the knee. The prominent tendons at the back of the knee.

These muscles originate just underneath the gluteus maximus on the pelvic bone and attach on the tibia. You can see how the hamstring muscle connects to the knee via the hamstring tendon on the outside of the knee. The lateral hamstring is the biceps femoris.

In some cases a palpable defect detectable by touching will be present in the muscle. In quadrupeds the hamstring is the single large tendon found behind the knee or comparable area. With more severe injury swelling and a black and blue or bruised appearance will follow.

The biceps femoris semitendinosus and semimembranosus. These muscles start at the bottom of your pelvis extending down the back of your thigh and along either side of your knee to your lower leg bones. These tendons are prone to injury particularly in activities.

The hamstring trigger points as shown in diagram below the hamstring muscle group contains two clusters of trigger points. They are the sidewalls of the hollow behind the knee. The medial cluster can contain up to 5 trigger points that are located about mid thigh along the inside of the leg.

Below is a diagram of the hamstring tendon. The hamstrings refer to 3 long posterior leg muscles the biceps femoris semitendinosus and semimembranosus. The hamstrings are primarily fast twitch muscles responding to low reps and powerful movements.

If you feel the outside of your knee youll feel this tendon. Examination of the individual with a hamstring injury reveals spasm tightness and tenderness.

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