32 Making A Native American Flute Diagram

While the bamboo wood is a bit hard to work with its hollow on the inside and it contains separating notes or walls that make it easy to. Native american style flute is one of the simpler woodwind instruments to build.

Western Cedar Native American Flute Making Kit

Nicholas pell 23 february 2010 1 using a drill press equipped with an in mill bit size 18 mill out the holes that are blacked out in diagram 11.

Making a native american flute diagram. Only mill a small depth at a time. Wojtek bamboo flutes bamboo native american flute 9. Building a native flute is simple once you learn to work with wood and with the tools.

Page 6 of 7 by. 1 measure from the cutting edge to the foot end of the flute and write that number down. Obtaining a piece of bamboo is the simplest way to start your adventure with making flutes.

Roura native american flute. The photo diagrams and steps show how a well selected block of wood winds up as an exquisite flute pouring out a hauntingly beautiful sound. Native american style flute making take a look at our process for making native american style flutes.

Free shipping on qualifying offers. Finger hole placement diagram. The very first thing to realize is that you can learn how to build flutes using nothing more but on line resources.

Youll have to make several passes until you cut through to the other side. 2 divide your measure length in half and place a mark with a pencil on the top of your flute this will be your center mark. Making a traditional kiowa love flute from scratch is a moderately challenging project for an experienced woodworker.

3 introduction to the native american flute 4 safety tools 5 wood selection flute planning 6 cutting the flute blank 7 routing the flute blank 8 routing pictures 9 gluing the flute 10 tapering and rounding the flute 11 sanding 12 making the air holes 13 making the air split 14 making the. One of the outgrowths of that was a design for a flute based on jirĂ­s flute that he made from pvc and a pocket knife. As having a good cutting catting edge should ne a the and the bottom as shovni this the air to be split.

This video will give you details about the miscellaneous little tweaks of making a native american flute. Making a native american style flute from start to lathe. Tips for making bamboo native american flute.

Placement of the playing hole 3 is very important follow these steps. These instructions are for making a kiowa love flute in the key of f. While many native american flutes are made of bamboo or river reeds some of the most beautiful are carved of woods like cedar maple or spruce.

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