31 Electronic Mouse Killer Circuit Diagram

That means they have the potential to eat a poisoned rat or mouse so that makes poisons doubly off limits for sure. Diagnosticate electronic rat trap circuit diagram which ample mortal seek girl take well because discover electronic rat trap circuit diagram.

Electronic Mouse Killer (3) - Automotive_Circuit - Circuit

Went back a month later 3995.

Electronic mouse killer circuit diagram. You have to understand thats its near immoral for us to hand you circuit diagrams that generate 8000v when youve said yourself that you dont understand them let alone know how. The first one i bought was under 30 at home depot. This circuit is a small battery powered transmitter which is activated by vibration from a mechanical mouse trap.

Device with a high voltage electrocuting circuit and an insect attracting uv lamp of 365 nm wave length. The second one hasnt kill a rat but the bait remains. Ive been using pepperoni dog treats only had to replace twice.

When the voltage reaches a certain level v3 and v4 will be connected making k connected and the alarm circuit and high voltage output cir. When the mouse trap is triggered the microswitch lever is moved and activates the transmitter. A free open forum for electronics enthusiasts professionals.

Electronic mosquito killer lamp circuit diagram discovercircuits has 40000 free electronic circuits. Ill get a drawing of the device and maybe i could get a little help with getting the correct component specs. 4 electronic siren circuits using transistors.

I found a pretty simple charging circuit on you tube and just need to build a couple and see how they do. Figure 1 rat and cockroach repeller circuit diagram. 220v 1w 4 led night light.

I will install it so that the plexiglas lid has to be closed to make a closed circuit on the input cord that way it will cut down on accidents. Maybe this electronic rat trap circuit diagram share make you know more even if you are a beginner though. The mouse and rat repellent circuit using astable multivibrator which use sound waves or ultrasonic so it escaped away.

This can be done using a microswitch positioned so that the circuit is off not transmitting. Electric rat mouse killer. Eevblog electronics community forum.

Anyway the electronic rat traps work and the rat doesnt get a chance to snack on the bait. Electronic mouse killer 5circuit diagram world when a mouse touches the sensor between ab v1 and v2 will be connected and c3 begins to charging. Where can i find circuit for electronic rat trap.

Use transistor and piezoelectric.

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