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The milky way galaxy is organized into spiral arms of giant stars that illuminate interstellar gas and dust. Spiral galaxies and other types of galaxies are described in the article galaxy this structure can be viewed as consisting of six separate parts.

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This diagram represents an edge on view of our milky way galaxy.

Diagram of milky way. The evidence for this picture is provided below. A diagram of the milkyway based on iso observations showing the location of the sun and spiral arms. This detailed image shows the major known components of the orion spur and the location of the sun yellow dot.

The modern picture of the milky way. The components are roughly to scale except the sun. The thickness of the milky way is about 1000 light years.

Graphic view of our milky way galaxy. Looking away from the center of the milky way we still see about 23000 light years to an outer edge of the milky way. He also managed to make out individual point sources in some of these nebulae lending credence to kants earlier conjecture.

The milky way galaxys structure is fairly typical of a large spiral system. The sun is found in the disk but as shapley found we are about 8000 parsecs from the center. The milky way like other spiral galaxies is surrounded by a large halo region which contains globular clusters large clouds of hydrogen gas and a huge mass of the mysterious dark matter.

Its approximately 10000 light years in length. The sun is just one of 200 billion stars in this typical barred spiral galaxy that is about 90 000 light years in diameter. The dimensions of the disk are similar in ratio to an old vinyl record.

The radius of the milky way is about 50000 light years. In 1845 lord rosse constructed a new telescope and was able to distinguish between elliptical and spiral shaped nebulae. This is a drawing of the milky way looking down from above.

Of the four labeled stars which one is located close to a place where evidence suggests we would find a several million solar mass black hole. 1 a nucleus 2 a central bulge 3 a disk both a thin and a thick disk 4 spiral arms 5 a spherical component and 6 a massive halo. The earth and solar system are about 27000 light years from the center of the milky way.

A map of the milky way. Our local orion arm of the milky way is some 3500 light years across. The sun is in a finger called the orion spur.

There are different ways to measure the size of the disk but it is approximately 30000 parsecs in diameter. Our sun the earth and all the other planets in our solar system reside. He produced a diagram of the shape of the milky way with the solar system close to the center.

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