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Composed of countless millions of neurons nerve cells and supporting structures the great whites brain co ordinates virtually all of its activities from protrusion of its jaws to delicately grasp a novel object to the thrashing of its tail to ward. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.

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Start studying shark brain cranial nerves 3.

Shark brain diagram. Around a sharks head is an entire sensory network called the ampullae of lorenzini a very unique part of the shark anatomy. They are holes behind each eye of the shark which are used to supply oxygenated blood to the eyes and brain. Both can move forward and backward.

Shark brain study guide by knavar6 includes 30 questions covering vocabulary terms and more. Small pores on the headbody of the shark which are connected to ampullae sacs which contain sensory cells connected to the brain. Start studying lab 5.

The sluggish bottom dwellers like angelsharks have relatively smaller less complex brains. The average great white is about five metres long. In absolute terms however the brain of a white shark can grow quite large because the animal itself can attain prodigious size.

Lie behind the olfactory lobes and constitute the cerebrum olfactory bulb a brain structure located above the nasal cavity beneath the f olfactory tract the path along which the olfactory receptors send their electr. Some species lack them or exhibit reduced spiracles. Its brain is y shaped and is approximately 60 centimetres long.

Brain size and complexity vary from shark species to species. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. Quizlet flashcards activities and games help you improve your grades.

The sharks with the largest brainbody weight ratio are active sharks like the dusky shark and the scalloped hammerheads. The sacs also allow the sharks to sense changes in ocean currents by using. The ampullae sacs allow the shark to sense weak electric fields given off by other fishmammals in the water.

The great white shark is an apt representative for the group as it is relatively large and it is prolific in waters around the world. Sharks have two movable jaws attached to the skull by muscles and ligaments. Each ampulla is composed of a cluster of sensory cells that ultimately enables sharks to detect prey that may be hiding in the sand and even possibly notice changes in the waters temperature pressure salinity magnetic fields and mechanical stimuli.

Despite its sometimes impressive dimensions the brain of the white shark is a marvelously compact structure.


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